1. We do not sell anything we would not wear ourselves.

2. We support responsible consumption. Buy only when you are sure that you will wear our clothes a lot.

3. We work every day to improve the sustainability of our clothing.

4. We do not produce more than 50 pieces of a garment. We therefore assure you that no more than 49 people around the world will have the same piece as you do.

5 We are very proud that both the design and production of our garments are 100% European and that the maximum distance between all employees involved is 150 km.

6. We personally know each and every person involved in the production and sale of our clothes.

7. All our employees share our values and we enjoy working with them.

8. We want the clothes you buy for us to last a long time. So if you need any repair on one of our garments, we are here to help you.

9. We select our materials according to the best quality and the best price, so we can offer you the best quality at the best price.

10. Make the clothes yours. No one should tell you how or when to wear them. We make the clothes and you give them life.